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Sweet refuge for creation

The last page, a relief

A sip on my champagne

And just one cigarette

It's time to go home

With my new masterpiece

So much snow, I did not know

How can I flee from this?

Down into the deep

How could I survive?

I'm not alone in this storm

Look out the door, there’s no one

Hurry, the danger may come

There’s nothing outside to save you

So gather your strength and just run

Esteem and passion, now pure bizarre obsession

Control your destiny or she controls your mind

Esteem and passion, now pure bizarre obsession

Control your righteous mind or she controls your fate

I love you, my hostage, I am like two in one

I’m climbing to the top, no matter who I will dethrone

Don’t you dare to kill my friend, she’s with me untill the end

In the darkest hours, you gave me all the power

Misery, I will give you life

Misery, I want you back, you’re mine


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There’s a reason people say it’s not the end but the whole trip

It doesn’t matter if you win if no one else will meet you there

Once you begin your brand new journey, be prepared, don’t miss a thing

And off you go, don’t be afraid, your time is now and you know

Feel the wind against your face, would you think it’s just a dream

Have a nice chat on a porch, the greatest place you’ve ever been

Fade away in here and hope for the better

Life will set you free and later send me a letter

A day to leave a life to live, don’t miss the chance to be yourself

Don’t need to tell me where you are just let me know when you come back

No one can tell you who you are and even less where you might be

The fate is yours and yours to trace you've got no time for it all


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In my head


In my hands


In my life

I can’t see what is wrong and what is right

I need some time to close my eyes

And dream again to stay alive

Forget the past, live it now

Look ahead and fight for life

The day before, the rain that fell

Another one has lost his light

Blood in my hands, pain in my heart

This world is mad, crazy and dark

Mistakes and lies

Wrong call in life

No black, no white

The end of line


And regrets


And hate

I have no friends

No one to help me with this hate

I open my eyes, the sky is dark

The city is quiet, I just hear my breath

I hear footsteps, and distant whispers

They are coming, they want me dead

Nowhere to run, I’m stuck up high

I wish it’d been just a bad dream

Some tears that fall, I ask god

Would I live another life?

My body is burning

My heart is freezing

Am I living life or

Having a dream

I don’t feel my legs

I don’t feel my arms

I see nobody

Don’t know where I stand


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Eyes will tell everyone

What a war may become

Get your share, no one cares

There’s no easy way out

This is war, smell the blood

Like before, not the first

Get your gun, you’ll get hurt

Can’t you tell?

Some tear gas will halt the crowd

One more death, a thousand more

Can you see the smoke ahead

I’m not scared

Feel the blood go down your cheek

Don’t you let them feel you’re weak

Hear the noise blow up your ears

The soldier that lies within me

He doesn’t carry guns, he carries pictures

The soldier that lives inside me

He doesn’t wave his guns, he shares his ideas

There’s no nation

That you can’t save

So much passion

You’re on your own

There’s no mission

That you can’t win

So much passion

You’re all alone

Get back to the field

All the others are fighting

Turning back is not something you will see

Watch the city collapse as you attack

Get your shit, put it back, get your best shot

Don’t you dare be afraid, no one else is

Point it up, hit his head, feel your heartbeat

Hold it up, the next one, someone’s family

Carry on, it’s your job

It’s your duty


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I never believed

Life was so short

Everything passed so fast through my eyes

When you realize

That everything is gone

And you are alone in this world


For your time

With no courage to fight for something

Looks like

No one cares

If you will live or die

I’m sitting alone

In a cold night

Hearing the noise of the cars

Feeling the beat

Of the city’s heart

It seems it’s the one thing alive

And I pray

I cry

I hope someone wakes up one day

And do

What I could not

Show the world we are still human beings

One tear for life

One toast to the stars

The last drop of wine

The last shine of light

We need a war to see what we have done

We need to kill one another to know what is peace

We need to lose everything to know what is right

But you could start right now, just open your eyes


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Here comes the madman knocking at your door

Showing what he’s here for, claiming all that’s yours

You can’t feel your knees now, your hands are numb and still

He knows what you’ve done

You’ve just signed your will

You don’t know if it’s real

His own heart is made of steel

He knows you can’t tell, that’s your biggest fear

He casts a soul spell and you won’t see it clear

It’s when he comes and takes your soul, an easy task

It’s time to meet your maker, drop this fake old mask

Forget the good deeds you may’ve done

Confess your sins, every single one

Never forget what you did

You’re just a part of it

Don’t get to choose your last wish

Will you remember this?


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Curtain of dust

Collapsing buildings

A sole machine, a lot of garbage, no life just memories

They left behind

Their own neglect

It’s only because they think the world revolves around them

There are no limits for mankind

Only destruction, frozen hearts

No way to paint a brighter future

Because they lost the spark of life

They don't give a damn

But there's still hope now

One single leaf, the Mother Nature’s born again

But how to change

The mind of men

Who couldn't see the world before their eyes


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Excuse me sir, I see you’re there

Now take your time, and begin to tell

The world will know, it needs to feel

The pain is yours now it’s time to heal

Some man will bow, the goods will kneel

You’ll get your crown, no need to fear!

I heard your truth and now it’s time to begin

Build up your army and then soon you’ll be king

Make them fall down, make them die out, give in

Advance your troops and you are ready to shout

They’re not expecting you, there’s nowhere to run

Kill the bad ghosts, find the lost souls, dying out

And I’ll stay by your side

Fight them with all my heart

Your reign, your soul and kindness

Your men will do it all

I heard your truth and now it’s time to begin

Build up your army and then soon you’ll be king

Make them fall down, make them die out, give in

Advance your troops and you are ready to shout

They’re not expecting you, there’s nowhere to run

Kill the bad ghosts, find the lost souls

Dying out

Running out

Falling out


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The watch hands walk faster and faster to me

Everything passes right before my eyes

Like I were traveling against the time

Watching everything again in my life

I look ahead, and I see cold and silence

Just a one way path and two choices to face

The blood running fast in my veins now I have

To believe that the rush is now coming to me

Fight time with time

To live your life

One day you will believe that

You can't fight against the time

Infinite dreams

Take over my head

I have only one choice

Running against the time

Run against the time

It's time to think

I have no time

Running, running fast

Blood in my veins

I'm running against the time


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Saw the day went by it

Washed away, so did the rain

It came the night all bright it

Let it’s darkness set the pain

Watched you say goodbye and

Let the tears fall down my face

Closed the door behind me

This is me, I know my fate

There’s no rush to fight it

No one else, no shining knight

No black wall will hide me

Keep me safe in this cold night

I will make my fortress

Build each peace of these tall walls

Let no easy way in

Your success will be my fall

I’ll raise my flags all night and

Hold my fort till morning light

Leave all fears behind me

My eyes will keep you in sight

Never set foot right here

Don’t you dare cross my way

My black walls will hide me

I won’t have to run away

Come what may

I won’t run away from this war

Show your guns

I will make a toast after you’re gone

Time to wave my past goodbye

To clear this path and fly

To leave this place and try

To keep and guard what’s mine


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A brand new start, a life beginning

Another path, all you can do

Day and night you dream alone

A chance to thrive, a game to win

The time is coming to find your way

The world is ours, we can be anywhere

No strings attached, just go your way

Can you forgive your own mistakes?

Can you stand strong, no matter what?

It takes too long to find your soul

I'm alive

Here to fight

Day and night

We are heroes of the damned

No wrong path

Keep on walking

Cause the sun, it still shines

No excuses

It's your own fault

It's your chance to fight back

Face your fears

Kill your demons

And your soul will still shine

No one

Not even god

Will take this away


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All my hopes are melting down

What for I have lived all this years?

The flame of my heart still burns

Not for you, not for me

Sometimes you’re so close to me

You always look into my eyes

And tears go down in your face

You’re so far, you’re so distant

Nothing can defrost my love

Once in flames, now in pain

I’m not a prisoner anymore

You have to face your mistakes

And we cannot live in our past

No matter what we’ve been doing

No matter what we are going through

You’re always looking for someone

Someone to blame, someone to hurt

You will never understand

Living in your little world